Dear Jonathan Kay. So this is what reconciliation looks like?

12 thoughts on “Dear Jonathan Kay. So this is what reconciliation looks like?”

  1. If you remove the language component & the racial component of the Residential Schools and do a comparison to the Mount Cashel experience, the circumstances are virtually indentical. So are the social issues that the victims experienced later in life. NOBODY has ever suggested that the kids who were in Mount Cashel just get over it. We need understanding. We have had enough judgement.

    Jonathan Kay & Postmedia’s “get over it” attitude is a large contributing factor to racism in this country. Nobody suggests that the WHITE kids that were in Mount Cashel “get over it”. As a matter of fact, there was a national outpouring of support for them. WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE HERE, IF NOT RACISM????

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    MUST read and keep for future rants to those who live deeply in their cognitive dissonance. Genocide in Canada still exists today via the Child Welfare system and now suicides of our youth. 600% higher than the national average in some communities. Suicide is the loss of HOPE and that is the goal of Genocide remove hope and the people will fall. But they forget the hearts of the nation is the WOMEN and we will not let this continue. Idle No More the tides have turned, Indigenous in Canada are ONLY 4% yet we are the ripples world wide awakening the spirits of ALL NATIONS go figure hey maybe the prophesies of Indigenous are really true.

  3. Johnny Kay is somebody who believes that Israel comes first no matter what in the middle east, and as such he also believes that Indians are like Palestinians… terrorists (without any of the actual violence against people being employed as a political tool) — He hates Indians. He will never stop hating Indians.

  4. I am in no way supporting Jonathan Kay. Many years ago, as part of the Canadian Council of Churches, I sat in a room with aboriginal peoples, and listened to their stories. I was one of only three who were allowed – and none of us three left that room without being changed profoundly. I grew up in Saskatchewan across the river from a residential school, and never knew until I was an adult – what role they played and what role my church played in some of the worst abuse. A friend is an Oneida native from Brantford in Ontario – who said he did not understand what the controversy was about, because he had attended an excellent boarding residential school on the Six Nations Reserve. They had vacation with family, learned to speak their own language as well as English, and loved the school. Then he went to British Columbia, met people and heard stories of the schools there. He was profoundly shocked. We are all responsible, and ignorance of what was going on is no excuse. You know the phrase “white man’s burden” – I carried that for a few years as a white person in Viet Nam, and to some extent around aboriginal concerns. It’s probably a necessary step – a sense of profound guilt and shame for what was done – but if I do not learn as well, then I continue to perpetrate the same wrongs, albeit in a different way. Jonathan Kay does not want to feel the guilt….

  5. I believe the TRC has only reached the first few letters, “Tr” in Truth and Reconciliation, and that the colonial government and we settlers owe much in terms of truth before any form of reconciliation could truly take place. At this point, Indigenous people across the country have taken the lead, have told their truth, have laid it out there. Any chatter from the rest of us that does not involve a deep look at our own relationships, expectations and histories is just noise and distraction.

  6. Great post. In regards to the TB statement, there are documented cases in a residential school on Vancouver island where healthy children were forced to share beds with children who had TB. As for his article, how am I not surprised? The good ol TRC political move, “we have acknowledged it, did some footwork, now let’s get on with it and YES! You can be a thriving part of Canada now. Treaty rights? Pffft.. What ever for?” Wait,.. Treaty rights are racist right? Funny how it wasn’t mentioned that sled dogs were mass executed in the north for that very reason… To create dependency. Dependency created, as well as all of everything else with a Long term goal of “you tried it your way and it hasn’t panned out, try it ours” . Gah!!!!

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